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 Flashy and Cute Labradorite Carved Frog Totem


(frog will be intuitively chosen for you and may not be the exact one pictured above)


Labradorite is a very powerful stone with a vibration that wards off negative energy. It is an aura protector, increases intuition, banishes fear and insecurities, enhances mental illumination and calms an overactive mind. A stone for transformation and change, Labradorite raises consciousness and dispels illusions. A perfect companion when facing changes or challenges.


Ф Promotes Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Astral Travel


Ф Enhances Psychic AbilitiesФ Protects the Aura


Ф Dispels Negativity


Ф Aids in Realizing Subconscious Belief Patterns


Ф Higher Awareness


Ф Stimulates the Imagination


Element: Water, Air


Chakra: Third Eye, Crown, Throat


Zodiac: Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius


Use tumbled or rough stones to create crystal grids, elixirs, wire wrapping or even meditation. Carry them in your pocket, use for healing- through mediation, chakra healing, reiki or massage! The possibilities are endless.




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Labradorite Frog Totem