Llewellyn's 2005 Magical Almanac


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Magician, shaman, pagan, witch Whatever your magical worldview, you can inform your practice and add variety to both seasonal and everyday rituals with the help of Llewellyn's "2005 Magical Almanac." ?? Over the years, this little treasury of folklore, recipes, myths, and meditations has become a trusted companion to practitioners of various magical paths. The calendar section includes information on the Moon's sign and phase, traditional Pagan holidays, and incense and color correspondences that will maximize the energy of your workings. This year's almanac focuses on magic from around the globe, and features eighty insightful articles by your favorite authors, including: Greek Wicca by Olivia O'Meir The Charge of the God by Steven E. Repko The Magic of the Crystal Ball by Sedwin Aboriginal Dreaming by Emely Flak Rasputin: Holy Devil by Denise Dumars Midnight Muse: A Spell for Creativity by Christine Jette Basic Shamanic Tools & Practices by S. Y. Zenith Sports Goddesses by Cerridwen Iris Shea Pine Tree Lore by James Kambos Chinese Creation Myths by Julianna Yau Contributors also include: Nina Lee Braden, Ellen Dugan, Magenta Griffith, Christine Jette, Jonathan Keyes, Kristin Madden, Sharynne NicMhacha, Anthony Louis, Janina Renee, and Tammy Sullivan.




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Llewellyn's 2005 Magical Almanac