Beautiful, Raw Brazilian Amethyst point (1).

 Measures approx 1 to 2 inches. Each point is intuitively chosen for you.

Amethyst is a wonderful stone for those overcoming addiction. A stone of transformation. If you suffer from nightmares, Amethyst will encourage sweet dreams and will help protect you from negative thoughts and psychic attacks. It is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. By stimulating the crown chakra, Amethyst helps to move thoughts into higher states of consciousness.

Ф Soothes Anxiety

Ф Emotional Balance

Ф Peacefulness

Ф Dispels Negativity

Ф Eases Stress

Ф Sobriety

Element: Water

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Zodiac: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo
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Single Raw Amethyst Points - Soothes Anxiety, Spiritual Protection, Purificati