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Stunningly Carved Vampire Fangs


Choose which stone you want! Measures approximately 2.5 - 3" wide


Howlite is a wonderful stone for calming a quiet mind, eliminating stress & anxiety and improving sleep. This stone stimulates the desire for knowledge, encourages emotional expression and promotes inspiration. Carry or wear Howlite to absorb feelings of anger, mistrust and stress. Place under the pillow for a night of sound sleep.


Black Obsidian is great for clearing negative energies & purifying the auric field. Victims of all forms of abuse will find this stone especially helpful at exposing ego motivations. It is particularly useful for scrying or trying to take a peak into the future.




All items ship Wednesday through Friday. Color may slightly differ depending on monitor adjustments. Please read all shop policies before making a purchase. Thank you!


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Vampire Fangs - Opalite, Black Obsidian, Howlite

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