Wild Harvested Cypress Bundles


Choose between Leyland Cypress, Lemon Balm and Rose OR Leyland Cypress, Lemon Balm and Summer Lilac. Each wand has been hand bound with hemp string dipped in beeswax and measures approximately 7-8 inches long.


Cypress, Lemon Balm and Rose - Love, Healing, Compassion and Strength. Burn to purify your space and invite loving energy in. Having strength and compassion during times of stress can help heal and nuture in many ways. Use this combination of herbs to pull in feelings of calm and relaxation.


Cypress, Lemon Balm and Summer Lilac - Protection, Spiritual Aide, Love and Harmony. Burn this combination in homes that feel unrest. Lilac has been used for centuries to promote protection from evil, especially in homes. Cypress helps to purify your aura and sacred space while Lilac provides protective energy. Lemon Balm steps in to promote relaxation and help you to unwind in a space that feels in need of an energetic cleanse.


Cypress harbors the energy of Earth and Saturn and has been symbolic for mourning, life, death and immortality for over 2,000 years. It is believed that this tree stands in between the world of the living and the world of the dead - and you may even see these trees planted in cemeteries and near other sacred sites as protection to ward off evil spirits. "It suggests death and serenity, but also, being evergreen, rebirth"


Burn Cypress in your home at a time of distress, particularly for the loss of a close friend or relative. Cypress trees have a strong calming effect that aide those overcoming significant losses. This is a wonderful plant to help ease grief and transition. You may also burn Cypress for healing, protection and purification of your aura + ritual/sacred space.




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Wild Harvested Cypress Botanical Bundles - Rose, Summer Lilac, Lemon Balm

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